Jersey Gas Sponsors Sailing And Wind Surfing At 2015 Island Games

With a total of 14 islands competing in the sailing and 6 in the wind surfing at this year’s Island Games, Jersey Gas are proudly playing their part by sponsoring the event in Jersey.

John Davies, Commercial Director of Jersey Gas said: ‘As part of the International Energy Group we also have a presence in both Guernsey and the Isle of Man. It was in the latter island that the first Island Games took place 30 years ago and we have a long history of supporting sporting events.

The Games have grown from 700 competitors spread across 15 islands to 3,000 and 25 islands , showing a fantastic desire by small island communities to reach out and compete in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. We’re delighted that Jersey Gas is a part of this.’

The first Island Games were held in the Isle of Man in 1985 as part of the Manx people’s Year of Sport.

Approximately 700 competitors from 15 islands took part in seven different sports. Athletes came from as far afield as Iceland and Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, St Helena, and from around the British Isles.

The idea was to provide an opportunity for hundreds of young sportsmen and women from small island communities, to compete and enjoy international competition against other islanders with similar standards of performance. Other benefits of such a unique festival of sport were the opportunities for cultural exchange and social interaction with visiting teams, and the chance to establish new friendships with fellow islanders.

The number of participating islands has grown substantially and there are now 25 islands who are members of the International Island Games Association.

Since the inaugural games in the Isle of Man in 1985, subsequent events have been hosted by Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

The 2015 games, 30 years on from its introduction sees athletes gather in Jersey to once again compete for those coveted gold Medals.

 Jersey Gas, part of the International Energy Group, are proud to be sponsors of the Sailing and wind surfing events seeing 14 islands compete in the sailing and 6 in the wind surfing.

John Davies Commercial Director commented “These games show the true spirit of island life with over 3,000 competitors from 25 islands all coming together to participate in the games. In many ways, sporting competition is only one aspect of the success of this event. Just as important are the opportunities it affords to share thoughts and experiences relating to our unique island stories. With that in mind, the theme for the promotion of the Games has been “bringing islands together and Jersey gas are very proud to be a part of this great event”.